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[nectar_dropcap color=”#1e83ec”] B[/nectar_dropcap]usiness’ move for all sorts of reasons, and the thought of losing customers can be daunting. So how can you ensure your existing customers move with you and how can you go about attracting new customers to your new location? We’ve complied a list of our top 3 things we think are most important…

Make a pre and post-move plan

Although we’d love to think we’re always in the front of our customer’s mind, that is unfortunately not the reality for most businesses; we’re competing for their attention, so it’s really important you allow enough time well in advance to get the message across that you’ll be moving. Utilise e-mail marketing, your website, direct mail, flyers, blogs, social media platforms and other forms of advertising. Be sure to include call to actions and make them obvious. If you have kind business neighbours, leave flyers with them after you’ve moved and kindly ask that they display them in their windows or at the point of sale. If your previous shop/office lays vacant after you’ve moved ask the landlord if you can display a sign in the window too.

Update online listings

Search engines like Google and Bing now more than ever show locally relevant information first in search results. If you’re looking for a cinema it will automatically show those closest to you, so update (or create accounts  if you haven’t already) the relevant online listings such as Google+, Yellow pages, Yelp, Facebook and Trip Advisor to name a few. You don’t want your customers to find conflicting information. And, it goes without saying, don’t forget to update your own website’s “Contact Us”, “About Us” or “Find Us” pages.

Utilise Location-Based Services

People’s attention these days is on mobile, in fact in 2017 there were over 4.77 billion smartphone users, so it pays to be in this space. Promoting your business to passersby using mobile apps that target consumers in the vicinity of your business isn’t that difficult and now more common than ever. Groupon, among others, let you post information about your latest offers and limited-time deals to consumers within a certain distance of your business.

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