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[nectar_dropcap color=”#1e83ec”] I[/nectar_dropcap]t’s always helpful to de-clutter before relocating. You should think about throwing away items that you no longer need or want. This will make your moving process easier as you won’t have as much contents to pack and unpack at your new place. We’ve come up with five essential tips to decluttering to get you in the vibe. 


De-cluttering can save you money as you won’t need to purchase as many packing materials, but you also have an opportunity to support your local charities and/or recycle your possessions! We love Preloved, Freegle and Trash Nothing for recycling as most of the time people will come and collect the item(s) from you saving a lot of hassle!


If you need somewhere safe and secure to temporarily store some of your possessions before you move, we can arrange a storage solution that meets your needs. This allows you to get to work with the rest of the house, giving you more space and it’s another job ticked off the list! Check out our Storage page for more specific information.


Create a list and organise your household items from the most important to least. This way, you can look into whether you want to keep hold of every item on your list, or if some can be donated, recycled or thrown away.


Trust us, you really don’t want to pack in a rush! We’ve dealt with many panicked customers on the day of their move, but fortunately we offer a complete and part packing service should you require it. We recommend that you start de-cluttering well in advance; at least 2-3 months before your moving date – it will creep up faster that you think!


Be sure to pack your items well and that you are happy with the items you have decided to keep. De-cluttering is a great chance to create a clean and organised environment at your new address – and the more you throw out, the less you have to unpack so this is a great way to make the moving process easier overall.

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